IRL I had a wedding in the somewhat near past and here is my advice. Take it or leave it, at least you have been warned.

This first piece of advice is one that I read somewhere, The Price you expect to pay will double and I though “It won’t happen to me” but of course it did. We started out planning on $5000 and ended up spending $10000, I know plenty of people that started at $10000 and ended around $20000. So you have been warned and if you want a cheap wedding start out planning to be very cheap and you may make it.

On the note of having a cheap wedding, my next piece of advice is quite relevant. Ask all your friends and family for help. If you know someone with a skill ask for help, if you know someone with some cool decorations ask to borrow them, and for simple tasks like making announcements, ask a friend. This will greatly cut down on the cost of the wedding and at the same time make all of these people feel more involved. These people shouldn’t be in the bridal party, or be the immediate family of the bride or groom, because they have enough to do the day of the wedding already.

At our wedding we had a friend do the announcements, and used 7 Sonos speakers (borrowed from a few family) to replace the DJ. We also asked an aunt to help design all the invitations, programs, and signs, then printed them at Costco. Family and friends will volunteer to help, and even when they don’t if you ask they will most likely be excited to be involved.

If I or my gorgeous wife have any further tidbits of information to share I will be sure to update this post.